We can remanufacture your machine, regardless of brand, or choose a machine from our inventory. A remanufactured machine is completely disassembled & cleaned, all major castings are inspected for defects, all gears and shafts to be made 80% of new or better, all new brass bushings, bearings, seals, clutch & brake linings installed, and all electrical and air components replaced.  Then the machine is thoroughly tested. The machine is cleaned again, primed and painted OEM colors, new glass and decals applied.  Finally, the machine is tested again, fine tuned and a new serial number is assigned.


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Definition: From Wikipedia:
Remanufacturing: the process of creating like new products using cores or discarded products as the primary raw material. Remanufacturing recovers the residual value added in s core and through the processes of disassembly, cleaning, refurbishing, re-assembly and testing "like new" product at a cost which is typically 40-50% of the new product price. Remanufacturing saves energy - over 80% of the energy required to manufacture the original product is typically contained in the "core". Remanufacturing saves raw materials - over 80% of the original raw materials by weight are contained in the core. Remanufacturing (REM) reduces solid waste. REM is labor intensive with over 40% of the value added in the process typically being labor. 


Interesting article about Caterpillar and remanufacturing:

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