Misc Equipment / Literature


20' Container Stock# UL-1040-C

20' Container Stock# UL-1041-C

40' Container Stock# UL-1042-C

40' Container Stock# UL-1043-C

20' Container Stock# UL-1044-C


Misc. Equipment

Minneapolis Moline Model G955 SN: 16493 Stock # LDI-1969 $7,500

Leroi 105 Tractor Stock# LDI-1903

Gardner/Denver SP900 Air Comp SN 501089 Stock# UL-968 $2,500

Gardner/Denver SP250 Air Comp Stock# LDI-1863 $2,500

Quincy Screw Comp 25HP SN 23024 Stock# LDI-1875 $900

Port. Generator Cat 330 Genset SN 75TH4108 Stock# HLI-1109

JLG 60F Telescopic Boom Lift SN 767120 Stock# LDI-2032

Pettibone Model 104-C SN 4268 Stock# UL-1054-C

JD "R" Tractor SN 14740 Stock# LDI-1687 $6,500

Michigan T6K SN 5789 Stock# LDI-1818

Michigan Model AM SN 161 Stock# LDI-1805

Tugger Model TK30 SN 20206 Stock# LDI-1873 $3,000

LITERATURE  We have so much literature, if you need anything but don't see it, call Mike at 717-626-8544.... we probably got it.

Fiat-Allis 200-C 4 page $15.00 Stock# LIT-00001

Fiat-Allis FL20 20 full color pages $20.00 Some discoloration LIT-00002

Fiat-Allis 100-C 150-C 200-C 12 full color pages some fading due to age Stock# LIT-00003 $15.00

1977 Liebherr Hard-cover History/Sales Book. 75 full color/glossy pictures Stock# LIT-00004 $25.00

1964 Black and Decker Catalogue and Price List. The catalogue is 64 pages and the Price list is 2 pages. Stock# LIT-00005 $20.00

1962 Remington Concrete Vibrator Catalogue & Price list. Catalogue is 12 pages and the price list is 2 pages. Stock# LIT-00006 $20.00

Original (not a reprint) Euclid Preventive Maintanance Log. This is so old that there is no zipcode in the address! Pleases check all pictures because there is a small rip on one page. Stock# LIT-00007 $75.00





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