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We offer a variety of  antique and construction equipment for you to enjoy, whether you wish to restore it yourself or want us to restore it for you.  We would love to connect with you on items that are of interest to you so please contact our knowledgeable staff .


Journey down memory lane. . . Click on the pictures below to see more information regarding each item.

Dozers & Loaders


LeTourneau Dozer Stock# LDI-1826 $7,000








Cat HT4 w/Hyd bucket Stock# HLI-1886 $2,700

Cat D7 1949 Stock# LDI-1825 SN-3T9713 $4,800

Cat D4 w/ Traxcon bucket 1946 sn-5T4947W stock# LDI-1887 $3,500

Cat D8F crawler tractor 1955 sn-14A1512 Stock# LDI-1919 $10,500

Cat D8F Military 1956 SN-9F1534 Stock# LDI-1767 $8,500

Cat D8G Model15A 1956 SN-15A1718 Stock# LDI-1892 $15,000

Cat D4 SN-GU12470 Stock# LDI-2054 $4,500

Cat 977E Loader 1959 SN-20A3460 Stock# LDI-1918 $8,000

Cat 977E Loader 1958 SN-20A2715 Stock# LDI-1920 $7,000


 Draglines & Cranes

Unit 1020 1967 SN-67121 Stock# LDI-1871 $6,500

Unit Wagon Model617 1965 SN-65186 Stock# LDI-1858 $6,500

Insley Model M 1961 SN- M-16117 Stock# LDI-1915 $8,000

Insley Model L 1952 SN-L-7572 Stock# ULA-947 $6,000


Scrapers & Graders


Cat 11 AutoPatrol 1935 SN-9F98 Stock# LDA-1799 $19,000

Cat #12 Auto Patrol SN- 7G1025T Stock# LDI-1806 $5,000


LeTourneau LP Pull Scraper SN- 133088LPE-SP Stock# LDI-1657

Compaction Equipment

Cat DW20 Wagon SN- 88E1566 Stock# LDI-1763 $10,000

Buffalo #102 10 T Roller SN-19929 Stock# LDI-2041 $4,800


Picture of Buffalo Springfield 10 Ton 3 Wheel Roller

Buffalo Springfield   Roller         19929  LDI-2041



Off Hwy Hauling Units         


Mack M20X Rear Dump            5412 LMC-20052

Mack M20X Rear Dump             1147 LDI-1906







Picture of Euclid R20 96FD Rear Dump Truck

Euclid R20 Rear Dump                      UL-1048-C







Oshkosh 4x4 Dump           6456R                     UL-1046




 Road Trucks


Picture of Mack U MD Tractor

Mack Tractor LM005234         LDI-1811

Mack Service Truck U685ST4814        LDI-1856

Picture of Mack LJSW Truck

Mack Truck LJ2D4732D        LDI-1770

Picture of Mack LR Dump Truck

Mack  Dump Truck           1521D                    LDI-1845

Picture of Mack 1988 DM600 Dump Truck

Mack Tandem Axle Dump x1961     LMC-20029

Mack Fire Engine Truck   MB685FC1178      LDI-1992



Mack Dump Truck   DM685SX1715    LMC-20042







Picture of Autocar DC75 Wrecker

Autocar Wrecker DC75TRBB3373     LDI-1879

Picture of Autocar DC 103

Autocar Truck AF07HB063782     LDI-1908

Picture of Autocar DC 103

Autocar Truck ZPIFVG076859     LDI-1907






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